Brothers can be so sweet

someday-ill-be-bigger-than-youI never had a brother, but my cousin Tim and his family have plenty of brothers. While visiting them I saw them wrestle and fight. Usually scaring the hell out of someone so meek and quiet, but it did look fun. I have to say though from what I saw, is little brothers aggravate the bigger brother until this happens. Usually it is all in fun, hmmm, I think.

Worm under a microscope

Did you ever want to look at a worm under a microscope? I did when I was little but never had a microscope. However one

of the guys in the science lab – in some distant pwormmicroscopelace had a microscope and got a close up shot of a skin eating worm,

enough to make your skin crawl, which btw gives a whole new meaning to the term

Nothing says love!

boy-dog-love I love my dog, no this isn’t my dog, I’ll put a pic of her up later, but I thought this was sweet so I wanted to share it. A poll on the internet a few years ago asked guys if they would give up their dog for a girl. 96% said they would not. Nothing comes between a boy and his dog, I mean nothing… actually watch the old movie “A boy and his Dog’ and watch it until the end!