The Jealousy of Dogs

dog-looking-at-cats I don’t look at pictures of cats personally unless it is unavoidable. I would prefer a life without them. However I do have a dog that thinks that cats should be Cat Food and there should be nothing named Dog Food. I have a Jack Russel/basenji mix from the Animal shelter, she thinks cats are for eating, but worse yet, any animal that comes in the yard she thinks deserves the death penalty. If she even thought I was looking at a picture of a cat she would rip my computer apart. That is why our tv sits high up on the wall so she can’t destroy it when a cat commercial comes on… yes she watches TV and yes she is that violent went it comes to cats.  She makes sure everyone knows that cats are not acceptable in the yard in the house, in a lap. YUMMMMM

Can you hit an apple with an arrow?

game-of-thrones-8 Ya have to love Bran Stark, yea he is the one with the bow and arrow, this was not in the show but it is still funny given the time and place, it could have happened. This is ‘Game of Thrones’ at it best. Game of Thrones plays on HBO and is in its third season. You can get season 1 and 2 from Netflix or other outlets. Catch up on it, I think you will like the action, adventure and drama.

Indian Valley Bullfrog

east indian bull frogIndian Valley Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus), Kalaiya, Nepal. This large striking frog is found in the lowlands of some of SE Asia and the Mideast. Recent studies have ascertained that it’s probably a complex of several species.” (this specimen is an unusual amelanistic individual, this coloration is not normal) www.iucnredlist.o…… (photo: Susheel Shrestha)

It’s Cooties time of year!

cootiesBoys go through a lot of things in life, especially between the ages of two and fourteen, that is about the time girls get all their shots, yup you got it. Then there are some boys that just have to break the rules. Yup you got it. This little boy has to call all his friends because he caught it from kissing a girl, and gave it to all his boy playmates at the day care. Heaven forbid it happen to your kids. The girls parents said ‘Oh well such is life, he shouldn’t have let her kiss him!”


dogs do i have toJust like little kids, I mean a lot younger than my 23 years (2013) always love playtime. Did you know that your puppy is still a kid until they pass on? It’s true, most dogs have the mentality of a three-year old girl all of their lives. A few however do get to the age of a ten-year old at age 3. These dogs are smarter than the average dog, some can spell, count, and some can actually talk. Seriously. Teach a cat that and impress me.

The point is all dogs are children and need playtime, they prefer playtime with YOU. but if you don’t want to play they want to go outside and wake up the neighborhood and get people’s attention. Naw they don’t want trouble, they want the attention you are not giving them!

Dogs Never Lie

dog-explodedDogs will never lie to you, really they won’t. They know when they have done wrong, and their look tells you of their guilt.  Of course if they are happy when you get home and something is wrong, then maybe they think they did something good, so you have to be patient with them. Of course I won’t even tell you that they MIGHT tell a puppy tail or two, then again you do too, so be gentle.

Pay attention!

Ever have a cat sit on your keyboard? Well dogs don’t normally do that, my dog leaves me alone at the computer but tries to sit under my feet (hard to do when you sit in an electric wheelchair) my dog doesn’t like you to read the paper, and my dog doesn’t like you writing with pen and ink… These animals full of love (not sure about cats) just want your attention, and they will come up with ways to get it.dogattention


In dog language he is saying pick me up and play with me! I am more fun!