Too good to pass up

There is nothing like washing the dishes. I bet you have had to wash them several times in your life before you got that dishwasher. Man has for a long time licker licensehad a way NOT to wash dishes, just most women do not agree with it. With a self-contained unit most of the dishes are washed and only need to be rinsed off. Here is just one example.


dogs do i have toJust like little kids, I mean a lot younger than my 23 years (2013) always love playtime. Did you know that your puppy is still a kid until they pass on? It’s true, most dogs have the mentality of a three-year old girl all of their lives. A few however do get to the age of a ten-year old at age 3. These dogs are smarter than the average dog, some can spell, count, and some can actually talk. Seriously. Teach a cat that and impress me.

The point is all dogs are children and need playtime, they prefer playtime with YOU. but if you don’t want to play they want to go outside and wake up the neighborhood and get people’s attention. Naw they don’t want trouble, they want the attention you are not giving them!