The Jealousy of Dogs

dog-looking-at-cats I don’t look at pictures of cats personally unless it is unavoidable. I would prefer a life without them. However I do have a dog that thinks that cats should be Cat Food and there should be nothing named Dog Food. I have a Jack Russel/basenji mix from the Animal shelter, she thinks cats are for eating, but worse yet, any animal that comes in the yard she thinks deserves the death penalty. If she even thought I was looking at a picture of a cat she would rip my computer apart. That is why our tv sits high up on the wall so she can’t destroy it when a cat commercial comes on… yes she watches TV and yes she is that violent went it comes to cats.  She makes sure everyone knows that cats are not acceptable in the yard in the house, in a lap. YUMMMMM

Can you hit an apple with an arrow?

game-of-thrones-8 Ya have to love Bran Stark, yea he is the one with the bow and arrow, this was not in the show but it is still funny given the time and place, it could have happened. This is ‘Game of Thrones’ at it best. Game of Thrones plays on HBO and is in its third season. You can get season 1 and 2 from Netflix or other outlets. Catch up on it, I think you will like the action, adventure and drama.

It’s Cooties time of year!

cootiesBoys go through a lot of things in life, especially between the ages of two and fourteen, that is about the time girls get all their shots, yup you got it. Then there are some boys that just have to break the rules. Yup you got it. This little boy has to call all his friends because he caught it from kissing a girl, and gave it to all his boy playmates at the day care. Heaven forbid it happen to your kids. The girls parents said ‘Oh well such is life, he shouldn’t have let her kiss him!”