What Real men are like

real-menIn a world where any second you are dead, where crime outweighs the good, always keep in mind that a real man can speak without a foul word uttering from their mouths, and if you ever see a man who takes care of an animal that is not his, that man is capable of an undying love. If you do not agree, that is okay, maybe you should look to yourself for your problems. If you agree please like, and share. Your comments are welcome.

Indian Valley Bullfrog

east indian bull frogIndian Valley Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus tigerinus), Kalaiya, Nepal. This large striking frog is found in the lowlands of some of SE Asia and the Mideast. Recent studies have ascertained that it’s probably a complex of several species.” (this specimen is an unusual amelanistic individual, this coloration is not normal) www.iucnredlist.o… en.wikipedia.org/… (photo: Susheel Shrestha)

Worm under a microscope

Did you ever want to look at a worm under a microscope? I did when I was little but never had a microscope. However one

of the guys in the science lab – in some distant pwormmicroscopelace had a microscope and got a close up shot of a skin eating worm,

enough to make your skin crawl, which btw gives a whole new meaning to the term