What Real men are like

real-menIn a world where any second you are dead, where crime outweighs the good, always keep in mind that a real man can speak without a foul word uttering from their mouths, and if you ever see a man who takes care of an animal that is not his, that man is capable of an undying love. If you do not agree, that is okay, maybe you should look to yourself for your problems. If you agree please like, and share. Your comments are welcome.

Can you hit an apple with an arrow?

game-of-thrones-8 Ya have to love Bran Stark, yea he is the one with the bow and arrow, this was not in the show but it is still funny given the time and place, it could have happened. This is ‘Game of Thrones’ at it best. Game of Thrones plays on HBO and is in its third season. You can get season 1 and 2 from Netflix or other outlets. Catch up on it, I think you will like the action, adventure and drama.

Brothers can be so sweet

someday-ill-be-bigger-than-youI never had a brother, but my cousin Tim and his family have plenty of brothers. While visiting them I saw them wrestle and fight. Usually scaring the hell out of someone so meek and quiet, but it did look fun. I have to say though from what I saw, is little brothers aggravate the bigger brother until this happens. Usually it is all in fun, hmmm, I think.