Young Adult Novels by Remmy

Affairs of WarThese books have graphical violence, and sexual situations.

Affairs of War

By Remmy Meggs

In 12,000 B.C.E. the temperature of the earth had risen to average of 59 degrees. The ice age as we know it, was over, and however man survived it, they did. We do not know what the birth and death rate were before and during the ice age, we do have estimates of what it would be like after it. The life expectancy of man was thirty-two years. Over 50% of the adult men would perish while hunting.

Children were important, but expendable. If a child was born with any defect, the group would kill it. It is estimated that one out of ten children lived to the age of five, and one out of fifty lived to the age of sixteen. That leaves one out of one-hundred that lived to lead a full life to thirty-two years of age. There were of course areas where that formula may not have applied.

Without evidence from the scientific community, that meant a young man of twelve would be considered a man, by the age of eighteen a leader, and by the age of twenty-five an elder. Anyone reaching even close to thirty-two years of age would be a wise man by their standards. A broken arm, leg or wound would immediately disbar you from the tribe. It was not the time of the cavemen, although many still lived in caves. The apes and Neanderthals were around still, but man had come to his own.

Our story begins with the medium light-skinned areas now known as the Middle East. A group of tribes that avoided war as best they could. This enabled them to use their knowledge to improve their way of life. In this area of the world, the night could get very cold, but many days it would be like a modern blast furnace, if the winds were just right.

Meet young Air, he was not and never would be a hunter or a warrior, but he had the talent to see what others could not see.

Copyright © 2012,2013 Remmy Meggs I reserve all rights. You may not upload this file to any site or reprint it in any media format.

Aaron’s Motorcycle

Aaron's Motorcycle

Friendship, love, trusting, nothing is easy. Nothing is gained without working at it. Follow Aaron and his friends on their journey.

This story is about a boy who had a tragic first 12 years of life, and how after some healing he begins looking for his first friend. Aaron’s first friend would be Davy, almost five years younger. The interaction can be horrid, heartwarming, and full of love, if Aaron can get over the past.

Copyright © 2012,2013 Remmy Meggs I reserve all rights. You may not upload this file to any site or reprint it in any media format.

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